The San Juan is looking beautiful right now with the golden cottonwoods lining the river. The fishing in the quality water has been a little tough lately, due to smart fish and quite a bit of moss coming down. The morning nymphing has been tricky, go to 6x and tiny flies (22-26) to fool these wary fish. Make sure to clean your flies before every drift, mossy flies do not impress these trout! Best patterns lately have been the naked lady, and chocolate and grey midge pupa. The dry fly fishing has been really good, but again they want the tiny stuff. Look for risers and try a 24 adams or griffith gnat on a downstream presentation. I’ll usually put a 16 Adams on as a indicator fly and have been picking up a few on that as well. The Lower River private water is fishing great right now, book a trip and see for yourself what I’m talking about!