The San Juan River below Navajo Dam, NM is fishing well right now. It got pretty darn tough there in October, but thankfully the angling pressure has eased up on the Quality Water Section and the fish are eating a little better. The biggest issue right now is the moss in the river. I was told by the State Biologist that the moss coming from the lake as it dies. Hopefully it’ll be over soon, but in the meantime CLEAN YOUR FLIES EVERY DRIFT! Red larva, grey midge pupa, and grey Johnny Flash emergers have been my best nymphs. The midge hatches have been prolific, especially during the super moon. Dry fly fishing is exceptional right now, but very technical. Use 6x tippet and a downstream presentation for best results. Flies should be small too, 20-24 Griffiths Gnats and Parachute Adams will get the job done. Remember, presentation is the most important part of the equation!