This morning was chilly but the fishing was hot! I fished with William and Don Knight, a pleasure as always. We let the river warm up and hit it about 9:30 am. The bugs were coming off pretty well, but William wanted to learn how to fish streamers better, and his Grandpa was up to the challenge as well. We started at the top of the stretch we were fishing and started working downstream. Will missed a couple due to the old trout set and we had to take a minute to talk about strip setting and why it’s so important. Once he figured that out it was game on. Will put a clinic on those fish, landing a good number of Rainbow and Brown Trout. We got some great pictures with he and his grandpa, and Will capped off the day by landing a sweet 22 inch brown. All in all it was an incredible day on the Animas with plenty of fish and not one other angler in sight!