Creek Fishing Report 9/3/19

September 3, 2019 in Creeks

Paul had just returned from a slew of overseas traveling and gave me a call to get on the water. We decided a creek day was just what he needed and I picked him up for a drive into the mountains. The flows were perfect and the Animas was the prettiest color green you can imagine. Normally I hit this stretch on the way out, but it just looked too good to pass up. We spent the whole day picking up brookies and cutthroat on a little beetle pattern. Every pocket had a hungry fish eager to rise to the dry. I think the trout know winter is right around the corner, and are fattening up for their long snowy break.

Creek Fishing Report 7/20/19

July 20, 2019 in Creeks

First creek day of the year! The high country is so packed with snow it’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen snow like this before. One of the creeks we fish is almost entirely covered with avalanche slide paths and one cabin at the bottom of the valley was completely destroyed. The flows are still a little high but we were able to find fish in soft pockets behind rocks and close to the banks. We had a great group lunch of BBQ chicken near the creek and everyone was excited to get a little more fishing in before heading back to town. The highlight of the day was seeing two bull moose in the creek about 80 yards from where were fishing!

Animas River Fishing Report 3/7/18

March 7, 2018 in Animas River, Local

The weather has really been warming up lately and the Animas is fishing well. Solid midge and BWO hatches have been getting the fish fired up. Small zebra midges, and KF emergers have been working for midge patterns. I’ve had luck on pheasant tails and juju baetis size 16-20. Flows are low and the water is clear, make sure to be extra sneaky when searching for the big boys! Get out there and enjoy this weather!

San Juan River Fishing Report 3/7/18

March 7, 2018 in Local, San Juan River

The San Juan is fishing well right now. The water is still a little off color due to lake turnover, normal for this time of year. Best pattern has been a black bunny leech. Red Larva size 18-20, Big Mac Pupa 20-22, and cream pupa 20-22 have all been producing nice fish. I’ve also had some luck stripping streamers in brown and olive. There are a few fish rising, mainly to midge clusters. On another note, the stream improvement work below Simon Canyon is complete and looks really great.

Animas River Fishing Report 9/7/17

September 7, 2017 in Animas River, Local

The Animas is fishing well right now, with good midge, caddis, and BWO hatches. Flows are low and there is some moss coming down, so be sure to clean your flies often. Small flashback pheasant tails and zebra midges have been good patterns. With the low flows its best to go down to 5X leaders and tippet. Look for the deeper pockets until the water temps come down a little to let the fish move into the shallower spots.

Animas River Fishing Report 6/30/17

June 30, 2017 in Animas River, Local

The flows are starting to decrease on the Animas and the water is looking really good. Wading will still be a bit of a challenge until flows are in the 600 cfs range. Fish are going to be tight to the banks after all of the high water. Try skittering caddis patterns in the evenings right against the banks and nymph any slow pockets you can find. Wooly buggers followed by a pheasant tail or caddis pupa would be a good choice. We’re excited to hit the banks with big meaty streamers from the boat, flows are excellent to book your Animas float trip today!

San Juan River Fishing Report 6/30/17

June 30, 2017 in Local, San Juan River

The high water is starting to come down on the Juan and should be back to 500 cfs by July 5. Fish are still on the worm bite, with pink and chamois being my favorite colors. Olive and red larva as well as small zebra midges and sidewinders have been good for my smaller patterns. Get your hoppers and ants ready, dry fly fishing is right around the corner!

San Juan River NM fishing report 4/24/17

April 24, 2017 in Local, San Juan River

Fishing on the Juan has continued to improve. Mornings are still a little slow, with the bite picking up around 11 am. Red larva and black mono midges have been working well. There are some baetis coming off in the afternoon, try a pheasant tail or chocolate foam wing emerger.

Animas River Fishing Report 3/30/17

March 30, 2017 in Animas River, Local

The fishing on the Animas is very weather dependent right now. The early heat wave we experienced brought the water up pretty fast and dirty. It has cooled down lately and the river came down and cleared. Streamer fishing has been our go to lately, and we have been seeing some really nice meat eaters through town and below. Early caddis are showing up, light tan and green pupa patterns are working well along with small baetis and midge imitations.

San Juan Fishing Report 3/30/17

March 30, 2017 in Local, San Juan River

The fishing on the San Juan has been pretty darn tough lately, but we’ve been working hard and managing to find some fish. My go to has been a black bunny leech, but yarn eggs and chamois leeches have also been successful attractor patterns. Best midge patterns have been red larva, cream pupa, and Big Mac pupa. There have been pretty good amounts of baetis showing up and I’ve even seen a few risers. Chocolate foam wing emergers have been good to us in the afternoons.