San Juan 3/15/20

March 15, 2020 in Local, San Juan River

The San Juan continues to fish well. The water is remarkably clear for this time of year with close to four feet of visibility. The dry fly fishing has been awesome, fish are rising well to individual midges as well as clusters. The crowds have also been relatively light and I suspect this will continue until the threat of COVID-19 is lessened or behind us. We’ve decided to cancel our lunch service on guided trips to cut back on the spread of germs, but guests are encouraged to bring their own lunch and beverages. Again, as soon as the major threat of this pandemic is behind us we will continue to provide our guests with the best guide lunches out there! Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to getting out on the water with you in the near future.

San Juan 2/25/20

February 25, 2020 in Local, San Juan River

The San Juan is fishing pretty well these days, but just not super consistent. One day the bite will be on with lots of fish and all day action, and the next day not so much. There doesn’t seem to be any real reason to it, just day by day the fishing can be very different. That being said, even on the slower days the fishing has been pretty good with the old egg, red larva combo. The other positive note coming out of this time is that there have been some really big fish caught in the last month. This is the time to get out on the Juan before the crowds hit and get crazy!

San Juan 12/29/19

December 29, 2019 in Local, San Juan River

I got out on the San Juan with my amigo Will Knight today. He’s recently got the streamer bug and was given a sweet 6wt setup for Christmas. Of course he wanted to chuck streamers even though it wasn’t supposed to get above freezing all day. We ended up choosing a black crystal bugger as the fly and rigged it on 2X to a sinking line. The bite was on as soon as we figured out how they wanted it- slow and deep. We stripped it with short jerky strips and tried to get it down as deep as possible. Will landed a bunch of great fish and ended the day with a stud rainbow from Cannon Run by E.T. Rock.

San Juan River Fishing Report 3/7/18

March 7, 2018 in Local, San Juan River

The San Juan is fishing well right now. The water is still a little off color due to lake turnover, normal for this time of year. Best pattern has been a black bunny leech. Red Larva size 18-20, Big Mac Pupa 20-22, and cream pupa 20-22 have all been producing nice fish. I’ve also had some luck stripping streamers in brown and olive. There are a few fish rising, mainly to midge clusters. On another note, the stream improvement work below Simon Canyon is complete and looks really great.

San Juan River Fishing Report 6/30/17

June 30, 2017 in Local, San Juan River

The high water is starting to come down on the Juan and should be back to 500 cfs by July 5. Fish are still on the worm bite, with pink and chamois being my favorite colors. Olive and red larva as well as small zebra midges and sidewinders have been good for my smaller patterns. Get your hoppers and ants ready, dry fly fishing is right around the corner!

San Juan River NM fishing report 4/24/17

April 24, 2017 in Local, San Juan River

Fishing on the Juan has continued to improve. Mornings are still a little slow, with the bite picking up around 11 am. Red larva and black mono midges have been working well. There are some baetis coming off in the afternoon, try a pheasant tail or chocolate foam wing emerger.

San Juan Fishing Report 3/30/17

March 30, 2017 in Local, San Juan River

The fishing on the San Juan has been pretty darn tough lately, but we’ve been working hard and managing to find some fish. My go to has been a black bunny leech, but yarn eggs and chamois leeches have also been successful attractor patterns. Best midge patterns have been red larva, cream pupa, and Big Mac pupa. There have been pretty good amounts of baetis showing up and I’ve even seen a few risers. Chocolate foam wing emergers have been good to us in the afternoons.

San Juan River, NM Fishing Report 11/24/16

November 24, 2016 in Local, San Juan River

The San Juan River below Navajo Dam, NM is fishing well right now. It got pretty darn tough there in October, but thankfully the angling pressure has eased up on the Quality Water Section and the fish are eating a little better. The biggest issue right now is the moss in the river. I was told by the State Biologist that the moss coming from the lake as it dies. Hopefully it’ll be over soon, but in the meantime CLEAN YOUR FLIES EVERY DRIFT! Red larva, grey midge pupa, and grey Johnny Flash emergers have been my best nymphs. The midge hatches have been prolific, especially during the super moon. Dry fly fishing is exceptional right now, but very technical. Use 6x tippet and a downstream presentation for best results. Flies should be small too, 20-24 Griffiths Gnats and Parachute Adams will get the job done. Remember, presentation is the most important part of the equation!

San Juan River Fishing Report 10/19/16

October 19, 2016 in Local, San Juan River

The San Juan is looking beautiful right now with the golden cottonwoods lining the river. The fishing in the quality water has been a little tough lately, due to smart fish and quite a bit of moss coming down. The morning nymphing has been tricky, go to 6x and tiny flies (22-26) to fool these wary fish. Make sure to clean your flies before every drift, mossy flies do not impress these trout! Best patterns lately have been the naked lady, and chocolate and grey midge pupa. The dry fly fishing has been really good, but again they want the tiny stuff. Look for risers and try a 24 adams or griffith gnat on a downstream presentation. I’ll usually put a 16 Adams on as a indicator fly and have been picking up a few on that as well. The Lower River private water is fishing great right now, book a trip and see for yourself what I’m talking about!

San Juan River Fishing Report 6/6/16

June 6, 2016 in Local, San Juan River

The San Juan is in full runoff mode, lots of water and lots of hungry fish! We are currently only offering float trips until the flows come down enough to make wading safe. Productive patterns have been worms and red larva, as well as scud and sow bug patterns tight to the banks. Get out there and see the Juan in all its big water glory.